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Rapeseed Oil

We source our Rapeseed from our local farming neighbours (all within 4 miles) which means it’s grown on the heavy Warwickshire clay which helps give the finished oil a nutty flavour.

Granary Oils Rapeseed Oil is a premium rapeseed oil made using traditional cold pressing methods ensuring. The screw press is run at a really slow speed, (around 25rpm), to keep the heat caused by friction to an absolute minimum and thus producing a truly Cold-Pressed Oil. This preserves the natural health benefits of the seed, creating an oil naturally high in vitamin E, rich in omegas 3, 6 and 9, and low in cholesterol. The finished oil is high in healthy Mono Unsaturated (61.4%) and Poly Unsaturated (25.6%) Fatty Acids.

We have been asked a number of times if our oil is Extra Virgin. To the best of our understanding the term Extra Virgin belongs to the Olive Oil industry, and refers to strict chemical and tasting standards that focus on aroma, flavour and acid levels and less to do with the first pressing as most people think.

With its natural health benefits and extremely versatile cooking properties, our oil is the best oil to use for all your culinary needs, from salad dressings and dips right up to high temperature frying.

We recently added three flavoured Rapeseed Oils to our range, Chilli & Garlic Infusion, Lemon Infusion and Oak & Hickory Smoked, these are available in 100ml & 250ml bottles but upon request we do supply larger bottles, contact us if you would like a larger bottle.

Here is a link with some benefits of Rapeseed Oil.