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About us

We are a family run farm situated at the tip of South Warwickshire, bordering with the Cotswolds A.O.N.B. Our farm comprises mostly grassland, on which we run 300 breeding ewes along with a small flock of Cotswolds. As well as sheep we produce specialist hay crops of Rye grass/clover hay for horses, Lucerne Hay predominately for zoos and clover hay for goats.

We have extensive orchards containing a mixture of apple, pear, plum and slowly maturing Walnut trees.

The farm is owned and run by the Tame family who are now into their fourth generation on the farm. The day to day running is carried out by David along with help from his wife Rachel, mother Sheila and brother Tom. David and Rachel’s children Joe and Rosie are still a bit young to do hard manual labour but they do make very good sheep dogs and their Walnut collecting skills are second to none.



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