Dried English Walnuts

We now have English grown dried walnuts available for mail order or collect. These are available in shell at the moment but once we’ve started the cracking line up you will be able to purchase shelled nuts as well.

Harvest Time!

First batch of walnuts in the new drier ready for sale, Red Dabube is a strikingly deep red this year. Dried nuts will be available to buy on the Granary Oils site this week. We will also have a new… (READ MORE)

Heartnut seeds from Sweden

I’ve just received some seed from the last original heartnut in ‘Kalmar’, Sweden, thank you Prof Jan Berggren! We’re going to sow this and hope we get some seedlings that share the parents resiliance to cold and it’s regular fruiting…. (READ MORE)

Grow your own Walnuts

Have you got the space to grow your own healthy walnuts for future Christmas’s.  We still have grafted walnut trees for sale so you can have your own, we also have Heartnuts, Hicans and Northern Pecans!

First Red walnuts

3 years after planting there are our first few Red Kernels! The taste is actually very good, sweet with a hint of caramel so they’re not just good to look at at!