Warwickshire Walnuts our new sister web site

We now have a sister web site www.warwickshirewalnuts.co.uk dedicated just to our Walnuts.

With the large walnut orchard almost complete now and starting to produce a small number of nuts this year we though we ought to try and explain in more detail what we’re doing. A separate site allows us to do this in a clear and effective way and how we see the future of our commitment toward walnuts and associated nuts and products.

In addition to growing and selling walnuts and walnut oil we’ve been planting a smaller number of Heartnuts, Buartnuts and shortly Hickories, Hicans and Northern Pecans with a view to selling the nuts and learning exactly which species & cultivars will work in our conditions.

We’ve been sourcing these through a specialist Nursery in Holland where many of our Trial Walnuts cultivars have come from and excitingly we’re going to act as their agent in the UK.  We’ll be stocking a select number of cultivated nuts (not just walnuts) that are mostly not available in the UK at present which we believe are suited to the UK climate, blazing a trail for the consumption of these fabulously healthy foods.